About the company

ODIS GROUP  is a company that renders legal services exclusively in the sphere of territorial and agrarian right.

In ODIS GROUP we are convinced that the narrow specialization provides a high professionalism of lawyers of the company and a high quality of services for our clients. Today, in the time of constant changes, it is impossible to be a professional in all branches of law at one time. 

The leading partners of ODIS GROUP are Olena Lyashenko and Oleksandr Korotchenko, that have been practicing in the sphere of territorial and agrarian right for a long time already. The experience of our partners gives us an opportunity to offer our client several ways to solve his problem at one. Besides, every our partner has the  experience in such branches of  law as: financial, tax, economic, corporate, civil, contractual, etc.

In ODIS GROUP we have a young, talanted, energetic, active and creative team. We never stand still. Every day, we improve ourselves, to be the best. We have to think creatively, because it gives us an opportunity to always be able to find a way out of the law trouble. Every week our analysts conduct market monitoring of the most actual land issues of Ukraine. All that provides the high condition of law service in the sphere of territorial and agrarian right.

In ODIS GROUP, the decision about every problem of our client is done collectively. Doing business by younger lawyers is supported by the partners of our company.

The clients of ODIS GROUP are governmental and private enterprises, farms, landowners and landusers, that cover a considerable segment of agrarian business on the territory of Kirovograd region and the whole Ukraine. ODIS GROUP advises state institutions and organizations, takes part in conducting difficult and scale projects.


  • Individual approach in solving law issues of every client: citizens, individuals, private entrepreneurs, owners of small, medium or big business.
  • We understand, that every business is unique and we are ready to offer optimal decisions of the most difficult law issues of our clients.
  • Non-standard look on realization and defending your rights for the land;
  • Experience in all links of bodies of land resources, that allows to predict the actions of the opponents, that use the administrative resource;
  • Constant monitoring and implementation of innovative ways of defending the rights for the land (property, rent);
  • In every case we offer an effective way of defending your rights with taking into account the specifics of a particular situation (individual approach);
  • Activities exclusively in the way and within determined by the legislation of Ukraine considering best international judicial practice and practices of the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Our company is unbounded by existing «shortcuts» in the sphere of territorial resource (negative decision of the landlord or common thought that it is impossible to realize its right to land won’t stop us);
  • Our team has the recognized high qualification, we have a 10-year experience of everyday practical activity.
  • Highly qualified staff – is a result of everyday improvement and.


  • The main fundamental of our work is the commitment to the interests of our client.
  • We strive to create a legal security for ordinary citizens of Ukraine, and defend their legal rights.
  • In our activities we strive contribute the raising of standarts of work of the market of legal services, formation and improvement of the legal field for development of business in Ukraine. For this purpose, we actively co-operate with state institutions, public organizations and national profile associations.