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Loan for farmers during the war

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The state began to provide interest-free loans to farmers at 0% up to UAH 50 million.

The purpose of the loan may be the purchase of seeds, goods, fuel. That is, what is extremely necessary for today's farmers to conduct a sowing campaign.

ODIS GROUP lawyers offered consultations with representatives of state-owned banks, such as PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank.

It was reported that the first payments have already begun in the Kirovograd region.

Therefore, to obtain such loans, you can apply directly to the above banks.

Also, ODIS GROUP is ready to support the loan marked by farmers

Ukraine is rich in fertile lands, and every resident knows it. She holds a leading position in European agriculture. Farms, on January 1, 2019 in Ukraine, is about 46 thousand. And it gives the opportunity to work more than 100 thousand Ukrainians.

But did you know that every adult Ukrainian citizen has the right to receive 2,000 hectares of land for free for personal agriculture, and this norm is fixed in the Land Code of Ukraine. It really is. This is not so simple. It’s all a matter of paper bureaucracy, although the government is trying to do everything possible to reduce the time required to complete paperwork. What is the first step to obtaining 2 hectares of land? What documents are needed for this? We will tell further.

Get 2 hectares of land - paramount steps

Receiving land for free means that you will receive land after paperwork, but you will have to pay for paperwork. The cost of registration in Ukraine is different, from 4 thousand hryvnias to 12 thousand hryvnias.

The first thing you need to do is to request in writing, about a transfer of land without payment to the appropriate authority. According to the Land Code of Ukraine, these bodies are:

For communal property lands:

  • The village council;
  • City Council;
  • Village council;

For lands, property owned by the state:

  • District state administrations;
  • Gosgeokadastr;

The application consists of the passport data of a citizen of Ukraine, registration, the approximate area of ​​the land plot, its purpose and applications. Applications include graphic materials of the location of the land plot, the consent of the land user.

To draw graphic materials, you can use the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine. It is available in free use, but for more detailed information about a particular land plot, you need to go to the site using the EDS.

Remember that these documents are needed according to Art. 118 of the Land Code, and the relevant authorities may require you and other documents and certificates that are not fixed by this article.

After submitting an application within 1 month, you must be answered by an authorized body with permission to develop a land management project.

The procedure for obtaining 2 hectares of land - the next steps

After the response of the authorized body, you need to contact the organization that is engaged in the development of land management projects. After concluding an agreement on the provision of services and paying for them, the company will begin to carry out the project. Such organizations have a certified land surveyor, and surveyors with the availability of instruments. They go to the place and conduct an accurate measurement of your chosen site.

To find such an organization, the state register of certified land surveyors will help you. A package of documents called "Land Management Project" is drawn up from about 2 to 3 months. It depends on the load on the engineer.

After the preparation of the project and approval, it is necessary to submit applications for the approval of the project to the appropriate authority that issued the permits for the development of the project. Within 14 days you will receive a decision on its approval. Then you can register the ownership of this land. This happens at the TsNAP.

The whole procedure for obtaining 2 hectares of land can last up to six months. Unfortunately, this is due to the bureaucratic side of the issue.

What to do after receiving 2 hectares of land?

You have gone all the way from the desire to obtain land, to the availability of documents confirming your ownership of the land and you can engage in agriculture. Or our company will help you conclude an agreement with a farmer;

If you decide to do it yourself, you need to consider that the Gosgokadastr will control the land use for its intended purpose. That is, you cannot build, legitimize anything on this site.